We are firm believers in moderation.

We each have the right to stray from our healthy routine once in a while.  On occasion, we want to feel and taste something decadent or enjoy good old comfort  food that brings back memories from our childhood.

However, the reality is we are not kids with unlimited metabolisms and guts of steel. We bloat up like balloons, pass more wind than Chicago, and can feel  generally lousy – even for days, it seems!

Fortunately, science and nature think you should still have a good time and even offers some help! With the right hacks, you can have your cake and eat it too! Just  not every day.

Herbs are an essential component in the evolution of medicine.  Did you know herbs have side benefits? Today, we are beginning to understand how and to what  extent! Instead of a long list of side effects like the end of pharmaceutical commercials, herbs generally have much more health benefits than our modern medicine  drugs!

Some herbs are adaptogens and can adapt with you as your stress and energy levels change.

Some herbs have natural enzymes and may regulate acid, bile, gut flora, intestinal permeability, and motility!

At the same time, some of them may also boost the immune system, reduce cholesterol, strengthen the circulatory system and help diabetes.

How often do I have to take them? It varies on the cheat day! The bigger the meal, the more you need! It’s not a one dose fits all, all the time. Sometimes I take 3;  sometimes I take 6 – it depends on how many slices of pizza I get – and scoops of ice cream!

You’re going to indulge, so help your body in the process and let go of that guilt!

Nature has provided us with many hacks, and science is discovering how! You do not have to suffer when you jump off the bandwagon for a brief stroll in comfort  land or for when we want to celebrate!

Our natural product can help take some of the load off the stomach for when the time is right!

Be sure to keep our Cheat Day Hacks herbal remedy handy for such occasions!


Barley Sprout

Traditionally for digestion but modern research is showing it may reduce cholesterol and treat alcohol induced fatty liver.


Increases stomach acid  helping break down  your meal. It’s also being studied for potential effects at killing cancer cells in the stomach.

Dried Tangerine Peel

A powerful digestive aid  for bloating and natural  weight loss, dried tangerine peel is being studied for lowering cholesterol, too!

Fermented Leavin

This ‘herb’ is a blend of herbs that are fermented, giving it probiotic effects. It reduces indigestion and gas and researched for immune enhancing purposes such as increasing white blood cells.

Forsythiae Fruit

Traditionally used for digestion and swelling, now research is demonstrating possible effects on preventing and reversing liver cirrhosis.

Hawthorne Berry

A great digestive enzyme for those greasy, oily, meaty meals! It also reduces low density cholesterol, helps prevent diabetes, and can clean arteries of plaque buildup making it great for cardiovascular health, too!

Magnolia Bark

TCM’s strongest herbs for abdominal pain, bloating and gas. Current research demonstrates its anti-bacterial properties and abilities to break up biofilms, including in the teeth which can help prevent cavities!


The active ingredient and enzyme to natto. It increases protein break down including fibrin. It can help digest food and blood clots helping to protect cardiovascular health! It is another fermented ingredient to strengthen the gut flora.


Coating your stomach lining, it may prevent ulcers from acid released during digestion. It may even protect the stomach lining from alcohol!

Papaya Seed

The extract papain is an enzyme that strengthens digestion. It’s used for arthritic pain and also helps prevent ulcers.


A well known tonic used to aid digestion. It is strong enough to alleviate abdominal pain from IBS!


Bromelain is a digestive enzyme found in pineapples that help break down protein. It also has been used for arthritis due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Pinellia Rhizome

Used for nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea from bacteria. It’s also being studied in how it helps treat thyroid cancer.


We use two parts of Poria which helps reduce water retention and swelling. The triterpenes it contains may have potential anti-tumor, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties.

Radish Seed

Used in several cultures for their ability to aid digestion, including preventing gallstones, new research is demonstrating its effects on helping anxiety and depression.


Well known for its antiinflammation effects, it is being studied for its benefits on the gut flora to prevent dysbiosis and even protection of nerve and brain health!